What is Motion?

You don’t have to see something moving to know that it is or has been in motion. The whole world is in motion.

You are in motion, your cells are in motion, your dog, your cat, your house, your school, your friends…

The WHOLE UNIVERSE is in motion!

If you see something in one spot, and later see it in another, like your cat changing where its lounging in the sun, you know it moved.

It’s motion!

You can close your eyes, take two steps, open them up, and you will know you moved because your position has changed.

What if you were in space, or floating in a large empty white room. How would you know if you moved?

It’s hard to tell without something to compare to. So, we pick points! We call these reference points.

Let’s say you’re floating in a boat on a lake. You look to the shore and see that you are straight across from a dock. You close your eyes to soak up the sun and when you open them again you see that the dock is now farther away.

The dock is your reference point. You know you’re in motion because your position compared to the dock has changed.

That’s Motion!


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