Teaching is a job, not your life.

Teaching is a job, not your life.

If it is, you need to seriously consider setting yourself some boundaries.

Your students need you to be in a good headspace & healthy way more than they need you to be Pinterest ready.

Ever hear of emotional contagion?

“Emotional contagion refers to the process in which an observed behavioral change in one individual leads to the reflexive production of the same behavior by other individuals in close proximity, with the likely outcome of converging emotionally”(Panksepp and Lahvis, 2011).

If you’re taking the day-to-day baggage home with you, you will suffer, your family will suffer, your health and ability to be present will suffer, and your work the next day will suffer.

It’s easier said than done. It takes some serious effort and compartmentalizing.

Not only is it possible, but it’s also the only sustainable solution.

It’s a necessity.

This doesn’t mean you ignore problems. It means you leave them and their solutions at the door.

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