Speed: ReImagined

A while back, I started putting out graphics, or visual vocab images to help explain different basic scientific terms. Looking back, I wasn’t satisfied with how they looked or with their accessibility. So, I’m in the process of redesigning them! Here’s the first: speed

Speed is distance divided by time

Speed is a distance over time, or how far you travel in a certain amount of time!

Think about speed limit signs on the road.

This one in our imagination says 30 mph, or 30 miles per hour. If you’re listening to the sign, your speed means you will travel 30 miles in one hour.

Just like distance, you can measure speed in different ways too! It depends on how fast something is moving and how far it is going, or what makes the most sense for you in the moment. Inches per hour might make sense for a snail. Meters per second is often used in science!

Any change over time is called a rate. Speed is a rate!

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