What is Air Resistance? + Terminal Velocity

No matter where you are on earth, gravity is basically exactly the same. So why then does a bowling ball hit the ground before a feather?

a red car crashes into the back of a yellow car

Crash: Seatbelts, Airbags, and the Science of Safety

Accidents happen, that's a fact of life. There are countless things we can predict. There are countless things we can't, especially when it comes to people and how they react in times of shock, surprise, or crisis. There is one thing we can always do, though. Learn.

What is Newton’s Third Law?

Newton's Third Law of Motion is my personal favorite. Why? Because it serves a dual purpose as good life advice. It goes like this. When you apply a force, expect an equal amount of force to be applied back. It also just so happens that Newton's Third Law is also one of the most fun … Continue reading What is Newton’s Third Law?

What do You Weigh on Different Planets, and Why?

Can the truth change? Absolutely. See, while truth can sometimes be concrete, sometimes it’s a matter of perception or context. For example, I weigh about 205 pounds. That’s a true statement. But that number can change over time, right? That’s also a true statement. But did you know that it also changes depending on where … Continue reading What do You Weigh on Different Planets, and Why?

What is Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion?

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion is probably the most confusing of the three, at least in how it’s defined. Why? Because it is defined in a few different ways. No matter how you put it, the 2nd law describes the “how” of it all. How are force, mass, and acceleration related? To get a better … Continue reading What is Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion?

What is Gravity?

You attract the universe, and the universe attracts you. Everything you see, and everything you don't, as long as it has a mass, is affected by gravity. From the phone sitting next to me as I type this, to my cup of tea. From me to Jupiter, nearly 465 million miles away (driving 60 mph, it would take about 885 years to get there).

What is Friction?

Stuff keeps going until something stops it. That's the basic idea of Newton's First Law, right? A ball hitting a wall or something. Yet, we also know that if we push a skateboard down the sidewalk, it's gonna stop eventually even if it never hits anything. So, why? Friction. The sciencey explanation is that friction … Continue reading What is Friction?

How Skittles Help Us Understand Mass vs Weight

The terms mass and weight are often used interchangeably in everyday life, but they don't mean the same thing. Surprise, surprise! What's the difference? To find out, you only have to look at a bag of Skittles. Let me explain. A bag of Skittles has 56 pieces of candy, depending on the size of the … Continue reading How Skittles Help Us Understand Mass vs Weight

What is Equilibrium?

When you lay in bed on your phone, you're at rest. You aren't moving. To get nerdy for a moment, you're in equilibrium. Well, one kind at least. Equilibrium essentially means no change. As we learned about Newton's First Law, something at rest will stay that way until something moves it. In other words, it … Continue reading What is Equilibrium?

What is Newton’s 1st Law? + Inertia

If you're here, it's either because you have been following the series, you need help on homework, or you just like science. Either way, today it's time to introduce Newton's Laws. There are 3, but let's take it one at a time. Sound good? Great! Newton's 1st Law, sometimes called the Law of Inertia, goes … Continue reading What is Newton’s 1st Law? + Inertia