What is Air Resistance? + Terminal Velocity

No matter where you are on earth, gravity is basically exactly the same. So why then does a bowling ball hit the ground before a feather?

What is Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion?

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion is probably the most confusing of the three, at least in how it’s defined. Why? Because it is defined in a few different ways. No matter how you put it, the 2nd law describes the “how” of it all. How are force, mass, and acceleration related? To get a better … Continue reading What is Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion?

graphic defining acceleration as a change in velocity over time

What is acceleration?

ACCELERATION IS THE CHANGE IN VELOCITY OVER TIME, JUST LIKE SPEED IS THE CHANGE IN DISTANCE OVER TIME.  Have you ever been on a roller coaster? They start off slow. You can move around and lean forward in your seat with almost no energy, but when they start to speed up, like at the first … Continue reading What is acceleration?